December 6, 2008

Keen to start we finally meet - Aug 08

The first official meeting of Radio Dordogne at Clive's House, Lombraud, Dordogne. This keen group met in August 08 to discuss the aims and future direction of Radio Dordogne.

L to R: Albert, Camille, Jillian, Martin and Peter. Clive was in the empty chair.

Setting up an internet radio station is not as easy as it sounds. First you need quality audio material to sustain the station, competent and technologically savvy local presenters to give the station relevance and presence in your community, money to purchase the equipment and software that enable the station to operate and an office/home where the station can live.

Establishing RD has been an exciting but very challenging endeavour. Our aim is to foster cross-cultural harmony and exchange between both English and French speakers through innovative radio programming. We intend to become an integral part of the Dordogne community by conducting broadcasts at as many outside events as possible, for example at festivals, markets and traditional French cultural happenings.

In April 08 The Perigueux Franco-British Chamber of Commerce hosted the Trade Fair "Success in the Dordogne", an event dedicated to linking English speaking experts offering personal consultations covering various issues regarding living in the Dordogne. The response from local traders to RD was strong. We aim to be broadcasting 24/7 by early 09, utilising material from the BBC, Radio Netherlands, Radio France Internationale and increasingly local presenters.