April 8, 2010

A station - finally

At last I can actually say we're "on air". United Nations Radio is now a media partner and we're streaming with several local programs on rotation in our program schedule. We've had frustrating technical issues - at the moment the BBC and local programs play at the same time. I know the BBC is omnipresent but that's a bit rich...

We've had fun/tension working these things out, and late nights. It's still a bit rough and ready, with nowhere near enough local or french language content but there's a station broadcasting, so any budding program makers out there in Aquitaine, do get in touch.

Huge thanks to the amazing Artie from
AirNews who helped move RA from the other side of the world. I'm on the lookout now for an 8 track mixer, mics and headphones for the suitcase studio and interview booth.