February 28, 2009

RD moves to Bordeaux University, Perigueux campus - Dec 08

After weeks of renovation work over Christmas 08, RD has a temporary home in a recently purchased stone cottage at La Chapelle Faucher near Brantome in the Dordogne.

More work is done finalising and scheduling networked material, not as easy as it sounds as I attempt to learn Station Playlist Creator and Station Playlist Studio.

In January '09 I had a meeting with Bordeaux University, Perigueux campus in the hope they will be interested in helping establish and run the station. Much to my amazement they love the idea and after some creative negotiation, it is agreed to house RD permanently (at no cost) within the University in exchange for yearly teaching of media skills to their first year Tourism students. The station will also be utilised by the students to learn broadcasting skills and improve their English language proficiency. I was encouraged, after my first guest lecture late January 09, by the number of students who approach me afterwards to express their interest in producing and presenting programs on RD.

There's still more work to be done getting broadcast material off the satellite and onto the internet, this is now being configured by the University, and I'm a lot more realistic about timelines now, however we hope to have an official launch of Radio Dordogne in Perigueux late December.