March 10, 2009

Searching for radio - Feb 09

To develop a radio station like RD you need both contacts and content - a few words about both.

I’ve just spent six hours making test program No. 3, a far more laid back, totally unprepared for smattering of French related music. I’m snuck into a studio after 8pm where a night of hilarity follows with the witty and talented producer Tim who takes care of all things technical. We throw tracks spontaneously into cd players and amuse ourselves thinking of links to say between tracks. We finally have an mp3 mastered and copied by 2am. I’m exhausted but figure a few late nights before I fly back to Perigueux from Australia might help beat the impending jetlag.

The most encouraging part of working on the RD project has been the support and advice I’ve received, right at the time I‘m about to give up. I’ll have a meeting with someone who says “you need to talk to person X, they can help you”. And without fail, the person I’ve been told to contact has been incredibly generous with both their knowledge and time. I’m a firm believer in saying thanks, unlike my former boss who said “I don’t believe in thanking my staff, they’re just doing their job” - a great way to make your staff want to work harder for you.

I’m trying to get enough material together to make an 8 hour tape loop to put on the site, until I can pull the networked material from the satellite and have a 24/7 schedule. Ideally what I’m after is more local programs. If there’s anybody out there living in the Dordogne with a radio background and keen to be involved in the project, do make contact.