August 8, 2010

Long time no hear

The moment I hit Australia I'm sucked back into work and unfortunately RA inevitably goes on the back burner. I've been busy teaching, organising industry placements and thinking of creative ways not only to teach my students but get them to cover events as working journalists. Thanks to Tim, Brad and Dan, my dedicated students making programs for RA. RA continues to move and I'm incredibly lucky to have such supportive program makers who volunteer their time and skills, while I'm stuck in Australia counting the days until my next return. 

I have the studio equipment, purchased in Australia and carried in my suitcase half way round the world; I'm amazed the eight track mixer made it onto the plane. Marie Dominique (left) provided invaluable assistance when I visited in June, but we still have some way to go until RA can broadcast programs live. The station is established, now I need to find a business partner in France to help run it as a full-time media entity.

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